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Progress at 50th & Bryant

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

It’s such a lovely day, so we decided to get out of the office and check out the progress at our 50th & Bryant location!

Favorite Summer Recipes

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Summer is in full swing! It’s time for pool parties, fresh local produce, and cookouts with family and friends. We love sharing our recipes with one another, so we’ve asked our store managers to share their favorite recipes with you!

We asked: What is your favorite recipe or dish to bring to a summer barbeque?

Katie at our Stinson, Minneapolis location replies:
“I’ve selected a couple of yummy veggie dishes and a summer beverage that I am greatly looking forward to trying from a book we carry, “Fresh from the Garden” by Sarah Raven.

The “Crunchy Summer Vegetables with Anchovy Dip” is in one word: Yummy! Veggies and dip is a staple during my picnic/BBQ season and they compliment the meats and salads so well. Plus, I love all the beautiful colors!

I also can’t wait to make the “Pea, Fava, and Edamame Bean Salad” which just screams SUMMER! I love having access to freshly picked, organic veggies from either a generous friend’s garden or from one of the awesome farmer’s markets that Minneapolis offers.

Both of these dishes will be paired with “Lemon Thyme Vodka Lemonade” that is sharp, strong and delicious. I picture serving this on ice in cute vintage glasses with our red and white paper straws as pictured. Bottoms up!”

Ann, at our Franklin, Minneapolis location responds:
“One of my favorite dishes to share is grilled romaine hearts. It’s super easy, budget friendly, but unexpected and always a crowd pleaser! To make it I take three romaine hearts and halve them lengthwise, making six pieces, then drizzle with olive oil, add salt and pepper to taste and then pop them on the grill for 2-3 minutes per side. Add a dressing of your choice and serve. I love the way the lettuce crisps up and the grill adds that smoky flavor to a typically flavorless green. Even the pickiest eaters will enjoy!”

Angie at our Selby and Snelling location in St. Paul replies:
“I absolutely can not live without a good old fashioned potato salad at any summer cook out. It’s got to be the Norwegian in me coming out, but a picnic isn’t complete without it!”

Karin at our Highland Park location in St. Paul says:
“I am a die-hard vegetarian and not a very good cook—kind of a bad combo! My tried and true dish to bring is a simple boxed pasta salad that is as easy as boiling noodles and tossing in the spices and dressing!”